Trial Lawyer Hall of fame Nominations

Read more about how to nominate a candidate for the Trial Lawyer Hall of Fame.


For the 2017 award, submit your nomination and all accompanying nomination materials by 5:00 PM on Monday, May 8, 2017 to with the subject line "TLHF 2017."


Any dues-paid member of the Litigation Committee may nominate a member of the State Bar of California (either currently active or previously active, if now retired). Self-nominations are not accepted.

Nomination Materials

To submit a nomination, provide a letter, not exceeding three pages, which includes the following information:

  • Your name, bar number, address, email, and daytime telephone number.
  • Your nominee’s name, bar number, address, email, and daytime telephone number.
  • A summary of your nominee’s lifetime achievements as a trial lawyer that you think make your nominee worthy of being inducted into the Trial Lawyer Hall of Fame, including, but not limited, to the following criteria:
    • contributions made by your nominee to the law, the legal profession, the State Bar, the Litigation Section, trial practice, and/or the general public
    • notable cases, verdicts, and/or judgments, including matters of precedential importance (with citations and case numbers, if known)
    • law-related public interest and non-law-related public interest work
    • other honors or awards the nominee has received
    • contributions the nominee has made to diversity of the legal profession and/or areas of practice
  • A law firm biography (or other available biography) about your nominee

In addition to the foregoing, you may (but are not required to) submit up to three letters of recommendation in support of your nominee, with each letter not exceeding three pages. Nominations should be sent to with the subject line "TLHF 2017" or:

Mitch Wood/Ana Castillo
State Bar of California
180 Howard Street
San Francisco, CA 94105